Föredrar du att läsa detta på svenska?

This survey is conducted by Allt åt Alla with the sole purpose of finding ways for us (both interviewers and interviewees) to understand our situations, connect, resist, and take care of each other. We Allt åt alla people are neither official authorities nor care for profit.

This survey was thought of us, a substitute for a conversation. Everyone taking part in it can, if they wish, get in contact with other participants as well as Allt åt Alla people in order to find ways to address the issues raised here by ourselves.

The survey attempts to discover our different living situations in Stockholm. Stockholm is viewed here as both its buildings, streets, metros and forests, as well as the relations among people living here. This would mean that a restaurant, a hospital, a sports team, or the ways some neighbors might support and have fun with each other, are as much a part of the city as T-Centralen is.

We in Allt åt Alla also think that Stockholm is something that we make and remake through our paid and unpaid work. The city is then made by subway workers, builders, cooks, nurses, teachers, or at home parents, to give some examples.

Control over this work and its creations lies however on our employers, managers, on market fluctuations and official authorities. Similarly, access to the different aspects of Stockholm depends on our purchasing abilities or legal status.

It is these phenomena and the ways we confront them that are of main interest in this survey. We will ask a total of ten questions in the survey. We want to know more about your life, how you understand your housing situation and the city at large. With the help of these questions, we hope to be able to identify common issues between people who live in the same area. We will also ask you for contact information, if you would like to be contacted by us for further discussion. It is completely voluntary to give us your contact information.